USDAC San Antonio Imagining


An Imagining is a vibrant, arts-infused gathering in which a community envisions its ideal future and identifies creative tactics to get there. Part performance, part facilitated dialogue, part celebration, these first Imaginings will bring together diverse groups of artists, organizers, and community members to imagine what their neighborhoods (and the world) might look like in the year 2034, when art’s transformative power has been fully integrated into all aspects of public life.

How might the face of education, environmental protection, health care, community development and other essential social goods change when the USDAC’s Statement of Values is fully embedded in society? And, what will it take to get there? The ideas, images, and visions generated during this pilot round of Imaginings will be documented and fed back to inform the USDAC’s national story and strategy.

Workshops conducted by Mary Cantu of Spare Parts, Ernesto Olivo, and Fabiola Torralba.  For more information visit:


The San Antonio Imagining took place on the grounds of Mujeres Mercado, a celebration and exposition of the work of female artisans and traditional healers. Featuring knowledge shares, healing sessions and performances. For more information visit

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All photos courtesy of Eric Bosse.

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