Racial Equity Engagement with Dance Exchange!

Part of a two year residency in collaboration with the Facing Race Conference, the Dance Exchange creates links between community partners organizing on issues of racial equity.  The culmination of the project will be a performance that reflects the history and resiliency of the local communities of Dallas, Texas. Performance to take place in the fall of 2015.


The mission of the Dance Exchange is to create dances that arise from asking: Who gets to dance? Where is the dance happening? What is it about? Why does it matter? 

Dance Exchange is an intergenerational company of artists that creates dance and engages people in making art. We serve as an incubator for creative research, bringing ideas to action through collaborations that range from experts in the field of dance to unexpected movers and makers. Through these exchanges we stretch the boundaries between the studio, stage, and other environments to make dances that are rooted in the particularity of people and place.  We recognize the body and movement as an essential resource to understand and investigate across disciplines. Through local, national, international, and online projects we gather and create community to contribute to a healthy and more sustainable environment.


Photo courtesy of Roma Flowers.

The intergenerational creative team of Dance Exchange marks their presence at the Dallas Facing Race Conference through workshop and performance.



Photo courtesy Jacqueline Lawton.

Read up about our work through our blog series at http://danceexchange.org/category/all-posts/.

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