Amparo at Young Latina Artists 19: Y, Qué?


I am an art maker that is guided by sensory, place making, and truth telling.  I utilize installation for its disjunctured quality that much like memory is a set of fragmented experiences that can be recalled and constructed as desired.  Like an ethnographer, I draw on different elements to capture the essence of these moments sometimes employing the use of artifact, oral history, and documentation.  As such, my work is frequently based on biographical experiences that are tied, abstracted, and reshaped to make meaning of a broader reality. Inspired by Mexican altares and Rasquache aesthetic, installation becomes an improvisational site where testimonials are physically constructed that simultaneously serve as prayer, offering, and contemplation.

Amparo is an installation that grapples with the meaning of home as refuge within the context of violence as experienced by Mexican undocumented women throughout their journey of migration in and to the U.S. The piece questions the price of migration and wether or not refuge can be found on either side of the border.



Paper Clay, Acrylic Paint, News Paper, Wire, Fabric, Sand, Plastic, Cardboard.

20 x 15 ft.




Paper Clay, Acrylic Paint.

Various Dimensions


Rape Tree


News Paper, Wire, Fabric.

3 x 3 x 10 ft.




Fabric, Sand, Plastic, Cardboard.

5 x 5 ft.






Photo Courtesy of Mexic-Arte Museum.


Photo courtesy of Sarah Castillo.


Photo courtesy of Sarah Castillo.


Photo courtesy of Sarah Castillo.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Castillo.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Castillo.

Additional pictures and featured article in the Huffington Post at:

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