nopal-cactusvistaprintnos(otros), is an installation-based collage of memories, stories and moments that explore the internal conditions of being a Mexican undocumented immigrant. Based on personal and first hand experiences gathered through ethnographic fieldwork, each piece of the installation depicts fragments of a larger narrative construct of migration.  Where narrative is a negotiation that wrestles with silence, fear, imagination, and wit we observe how immigrants survive, make sense of their conditions and depict themselves in light of their subordinate status.

The artist, Fabiola Torralba, uses installation for its disjunctured quality. She uses building materials, natural elements and found objects to demonstrate the balance between a tenuous circumstance and the remembrance of our native landscapes.  Like an altar, the installation becomes an improvisational site where meaning is physically constructed and personal autonomy reclaimed that simultaneously serves as prayer, offering, and contemplation.

imgp7367 1560758_10101223902042545_731537001_n RapeTree1 1558495_10101223902067495_526210090_n


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